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Since its inception, the Seventh-day Adventist Youth Ministry Department has served the youth through three levels; namely, Adventurer Club for 4-9 years old; Pathfinder Club for 10-15 years old; and Senior Youth/ Young Adults for 16-30+ years old.
However, divisions noted that the young people who complete the Pathfinder requirements are left without a program that meets their needs. They do not want to leave the Pathfinder club, but at the same time they do not feel old enough to associate themselves with the Senior Youth/Young Adults. In the absence of an established program/level for this group several Divisions have been running their own programs, such as Companion in Europe, Medical Brigade in the Inter-America and South American Divisions, etc., to fill this vacuum.
At the 2001 World Youth Leadership Convention a very important action was taken, charging the General Conference Youth Department to develop materials for a New Level to meet the need of the youth, ages 16-21, in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Ambassador curriculum is the outcome of this action.
Please note that the Ambassador Club is not intended to replace the AYS, but instead, will strengthen the current Senior Youth/Young Adult Ministry of our Church. This new level will provide a structured and organized way for 16-21 years olds to become actively involved in their church, both locally and globally. Great appreciation goes to the entire curriculum development team, the writers, and the World Divisions that have contributed to the material in this curriculum.


The Ambassador Group is an organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church dedicated to meeting the spiritual, social, and lifestyle needs of youth ages 16-20’s by challenging them to experiencing and sharing a personal relationship with Christ, developing a lifestyle fitting their belief system and vocational interest, and providing them with an adequate venue for wholesome development of lifelong friendships.


The Advent Message to All the World in My Generation. My relationship to Jesus Christ is of such a nature that it compels me to share with any who will receive it, the gospel—the good news of His soon return.


The Love of Christ Compels Me

I am drawn to Him by His exemplary life, the symbolic act of His crucifixion, His conquering resurrection, and His promise of an earth made new in the pattern of the original creation. The closer I find myself to Him, the closer I find myself identifying with the needs of my fellow human beings.


The following objectives will be achieved as club leaders explore and develop their programs based on the seven programming fundamentals.

  1. Help Senior Youth to realize that God and His church love them and appreciate the implementation of their talents for the fulfilling of their mutual gospel commission as established in Matt. 28: 18-20 and Acts 1:8. They will find fulfillment in their life-style as they share their beliefs with those whom God brings to them.
  2. Encourage Senior Youth to discover their God-given talents and to use their gifts and abilities to fulfill God’s expectations for them.
  3. Inspire the Senior Youth to give personal expression of their love for God by uniting them in various outreach activities.
  4. Make the number one priority of Ambassador programming to be the personal salvation of each and every youth who is a member.
  5. Build into the youth’s lifestyle an appreciation, understanding and love for God’s creation through a safely planned program of adventure and discovery. They will find their fellowship with God to be more meaningful as they have the opportunity to experience that sense of wonder and worship as nature unfolds its deepest spiritual secrets as outlined in Romans 1:19, 20.
  6. Teach Senior Youth specific vocational skills and hobbies that will provide them with purpose and employment opportunities.
  7. Encourage the youth to develop and maintain physical fitness through an active, energetic, drug free lifestyle.
  8. Provide youth with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities. They will strengthen their resolve to develop and maintain appropriate internal discipline and apply their skills of resourcefulness and understanding of the processes of group dynamics.
  9. Provide ample opportunities for youth of both sexes to interact in wholesome activities that will lead to and strengthen life-long committed relationships.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church is committed to understanding and training its youth for leadership and service to humanity.

Considering its newness and the well entrenched clubs already existing, perhaps what it is not—should be mentioned first. It is not an extension of the Pathfinder Club or as some might envision—Maxi-Pathfinders. It does not follow the same programmatic format as that of Pathfinders nor have other external similarities. It does not use the same emblems, tokens and other devices as used by the Pathfinder Club except as a local club chooses to get involved in Honors or Class levels for which only those emblems directly related would be presented upon completion of given requirements. It is also not an AY Society, nor does it necessarily fulfill the role of an AYS from a Friday night or Sabbath afternoon program perspective. Over the past many decades the AYS has been defined by its traditional role as an organization that is primarily focused on providing a formal youth program in the church on Sabbaths and attended by youth and other church members of various ages but generally led by youth.
The Ambassador Club exists primarily to provide Senior Youth with an organized structured system that will promote active involvement of its membership in their church (local and global) as well as their community, while providing them with opportunities to discover their God-given talents and life vocation.
The specific focus of a local club may be determined by local leadership in consultation with the youth wishing to participate as long as the overall mission of the organization is not placed in jeopardy. The focus selected may vary during any given year, may develop over several years based on cycles of training, or may function concurrently for different/overlapping groups meeting their felt needs.

Programming Fundamentals

The 7 Foundations of the Ambassador Programming are:

  1. Leadership development. Curricula such as the Master Guide, AY Leadership, Small Group Leadership and other age appropriate and well established schemes can be considered.
  2. Community outreach development through service and emergency preparedness training.
  3. A Christ-centered discipleship plan.
  4. A personal and small group based mission lifestyle.
  5. Lifestyle vocational/career development through specialized multi-vocational training and advanced honor level.
  6. Friendship and relationship skill development.
  7. Character and personality development/awareness through outdoor/high adventure programming.


Any youth age 16 up through the mid-twenties who choose to live by the principles and guidelines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

For definition purposes, the Youth Department defines Junior Youth Ministry as focusing on those under the age of 16 (another way of wording it would be ages 15 and under). Senior Youth are those who are ages 16-30+, divided in two Ministries: Ambassadors, ages 16-21 and Young Adults, ages 22 to 30+. This club’s focus is primarily for those within the Senior Youth category; however, the upper age limit is left more open because in many areas there are young people in their 20’s that would very much enjoy the benefits of membership in this club.

AY Silver Award Plan for Physical and Cultural Excellence


The AY Silver Award is a prize worth striving for. It brings together core aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual vitality. It presents a clear plan and encourages young people to be well-rounded, fit individuals, by excelling in all three areas. By encouraging physical fitness, good health practices, life skills, and more, the AY Silver Award is an ideal way to develop strong character qualities, clear thinking, and keen spiritual perception that will prepare youth for life here and for eternity.  Now, as never before, we need an army of youth rightly trained, to carry “the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior . . . to the whole world!” ( A Call to Stand Apart, p.67

I am pleased to endorse the AY Silver Award plan of the General Conference’s Youth Ministries Department and encourage our youth everywhere to strive for this high achievement.

Ted N.C. Wilson, President




Did you know that Daniel the prophet earned an AY Silver Award? OK, maybe not, but only because the award didn’t exist back then but Daniel definitely took care of his body was greatly rewarded for it. Despite the fact, he was daily temped to ruin his physical, spiritual and mental health with the king’s food and drink, but this young man determined in his heart to honor God instead, by treating his body like a temple! As a result, God blessed Daniel and his three friends to the point that they were ten times better looking and ten times smarter than the other young people! This Special AY Silver Award is a reminder that God still blessed young men and women who determine in His strength to honor God with their bodies.


Gary Blanchard, Director, Youth Ministries



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AY Gold Award plan for physical and cultural excellence


The AY Gold Award is presented to Young Adults under 31 years of age who have completed the Silver Award and who have demonstrated exceptional qualities of physical, mental and cultural development.

Sponsored by the Youth Ministries Department, the plan gives Young Adults an opportunity to find satisfaction in worthwhile achievement. Membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not a prerequisite.

The sincere effort and perseverance required to qualify in the various activities will develop qualities of character much needed in today’s generation. The AY Gold Award recipient will be better prepared to take his place as a constructive member of his church and community.

In these last days of earth’s history, demands upon God’s people will become increasingly intense. Only those youth who have a firm foundation on the Word of God and have chosen a moral platform which reflects the purity of Jesus Christ will be able to withstand the withering attack upon Christian standards. Good health, clear thinking, and keenness of spiritual perception are closely linked together. The AY Gold Award has been introduced to give strength to these important elements of life. Youth who earn the AY Gold Award will be youth of true distinction.



The conference/field or on each college or university campus an AY Gold Award committee shall be appointed by the AY/ Young Adult executive committee to direct the AY Gold Award plan. The union conference Youth Ministries Director is a member ex officio of this committee. This committee appoints a supervisor of testing and at least one qualified examiner for each category.

An accurate record of the candidate’s completion of each requirement is to be filed with the AY Gold Award Committee. This record must include (1) the date each requirement was completed, (2) score (where indicated), and (3) certification signature of a qualified examiner authorized by the AY Gold Award committee.


Application for the AY Gold Award to be presented to candidates who have completed their requirements is made to the union conference Youth Ministry Director. He will arrange for a special presentation ceremony when the award can be presented in an impressive way. Church and civic officials should be invited to the occasion. The presentation of the AY Gold Award should be the principle event on the program and should not be combined with a Pathfinder/Adventurer Investiture service.

The AY Gold Award medal and ribbon will be treasured by all who receive it. The name of the recipient should be etched on the reverse. (No AY Gold Awards should be presented which do not have this personalized inscription.)



Life is a precious gift, as is health. We all wish to be strong and healthy – especially when we admire the rippling, sculpted, and powerful muscles of the well-trained athlete. We may desire to be strong and agile, but desire is not enough. There must be the choice to get fit and to develop our total fitness and strength.

Successful living requires choices and the cultivation of healthy habits. It is necessary to give priority to the important and exclude or discard what will not contribute to success. This means we should have a plan and follow it. We need to budget and use our time wisely. We are multidimensional beings, created in the image of God. The AY Silver Award requires not only physical fitness, but mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness and wholeness (as wholistic beings). Each dimension of health must be carefully developed and nurtured, and sacredly guarded. We need to exercise, but we also need to rest. We need a balanced, nutritious diet, and lots of pure water. We must avoid harmful substances and behaviors, and live balanced lives.

As we strive to add speed to our strength and endurance to our agility, let us ever keep our eyes upon Jesus. As we feed on His Word, we will learn to know Him, and speak with Him as to a friend. He came in order that we may have life and live it to the full (John 10:10). In His strength, and by His Spirit, physical exercise, spiritual commitment, emotional stability, and mental sharpness can all come together in purpose, service, and a fulfilled life. The goals of the AY Silver Award Winners will thus be fully attained, and in turn, many others blessed by these lives of healthy service.

Peter Landless, M.D.  Director, Health Ministries



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